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  • From the pic in your post it looks like you might have a newer (good shape) white plastic bailer. Is this still available? Price+ shipping to 88011?
    Rick 575 649 64 eight 5
    Hi Alan,

    In some of your rudder posts you describe how you burnish the rudder hardware. What do you mean by that? Is it only the bronze hardware that you burnish and are you using a burnishing tool?


    Alan, I am looking to find a few things for my sunfish. The first is the drain pulg assmebly with the plug. Also I need to track down the brass "clip" that is inside the cockpit that you put the mainsheet around. I also need to find all the hardware for the older rudder style. If you could help me with anything that would be great.

    Alan, do you still make the "new rudder" that can go on an old style assembly? I'm very interested, as I may be acquiring a classic SF with a still serviceable old style assembly. Thanks, Emily
    Alan, I was recommended to ask you where I could find an Alcort Sunfish old style rudder and tiller assembly. I have been looking for a while and have had no luck coming aross one. If you could help that would be great !! -Lindsay

    Do you have available or know where could I get the aluminium tiller wishbone style? I am looking for it months ago with no luck.


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