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Cleat replacement

po-man sailor

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Ok, I turned the boat over and started addressing the deck. Noticed someone had put some sort of caulk on stearn side of the splash guard. It had gaps in it and none on the bow side but in any case it looked cheesy. I was a little nervous about unscrewing the stainless screws it was held down with not knowing if a block would fall down. I unscrewed a few and peeked. Looks like someone has pulled off the guard because it was cracked on both ends and glassed the whole backside then painted green again. They also used the method of plastic inserts and screws to re-attach the guard. All in all they did a real good job except the cheesy attempt at putting caulk as an edger.
Question, if a guard is ok except a little dull and cleaning old caulk off, what's the best way to get color back and shiney? Then I'll re-attach with no caulk.

signal charlie

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Rust-Oleum. If you can't match the color exactly to the stripes then spray the stripes as well. The interesting thing there is the Rust-Oleum can be removed with careful sanding, back to the gelcoat, if you change your mind later.

Stainless machine screws would normally go into closed end threaded rivet nuts (rivnuts). If you had pointy screws then someone has worked there before.


In the mid 70s AMF switched to closed end rivets.

Photo below, Rust-Oleum stripes and coaming.

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po-man sailor

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Dang! That looks waaaay sharper than my green original. I don't really like it and a red white and blue boat and sail was always my fave even back in the 70s.
Is that spray rustolium or brush on? Does it hold up to deck surface conditions?
I'm going to put together as original since I actually have the original green and white sunfish sail. However I see a change in my future once it wears out.

And yes someone most definately had removed and replace the splash guard with ghe plastic things. Ill leave they since they are holding good for now.

po-man sailor

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Well 15 minutes , some 610 and the cleat reinstall with backing plate is solid as a rock.
Hull bottom holes repaired, new bow handle, mast cup and dagger pocket renewed and sealed, de Persia metal bailer and original deck drain replaced...(thanks to Alan... LV&W)
No cutting access port in the boat. Woop woop!
All Blades and wood refinished with 8 coats of varnish after sanding and prepping.
Will work on spars and rigging tomorrow. Put rudder back together w all new or restored hardware. May make it sailing this week. Weather is great here.