AC33 is live this morning

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finally got things rolling with race #1
you can watch it live, streaming here:

Spoiler alert:
Alinghi was flagged with a penalty right at the beginning of the race, but then was able to get a 660m lead of the start (BMW Oracle was stalled across the start early), but then BMW Oracle has closed the gap, and built a huge lead coming to round the mark.

Clearly you don't know squat about true America's Cup history... it's about egos and technology... and I'm impressed about the technology unveiled through this Deed of Gift match before us.


Former ISAF Laser Measurer
The America's Cup has always been a farce. It's only saving grace was the mystique around the event. The worst thing that ever happened to it, was Australia II winning it in 1983, the result was the mystique was broken and it became another sailing regatta. Some years have been more farcical than others and this years is well up there.