Laser 1 Storage Chesapeake Bay


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Hi all, I am buying a Laser 1 and am wondering about the best way to store it. I live in DC, but plan to sail on the Chesapeake. I am new to sailing so I am not sure of the options or what would be most affordable. Does anyone know of marinas in the Annapolis/Deale area that might offer rack storage or another suitable option for a Laser 1? Thanks for any advice in advance!
Have you checked with the ILCA District 11 folks? I know that the Severn River Sailing Association has a fleet.
That said … there does happen to be a Laser/ILCA fleet in DC if you don’t want to have to drive an hour+ from DC to Annapolis, and they’re great fun to sail on the Potomac and Anacostia River.
There are several clubs on the Chesapeake Bay where you can store your boat, but you obviously have to be a member. Not inexpensive.
The option mentioned above is worth considering. At the Washington Sailing Marina one can store a Laser on a rack (less expensive) or on the ground.
Moreover, the Laser/ILCA fleet over there is pretty active.