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    Harken Kicker Differences

    No difference aside from the line they are packaged with.
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    The Hunt for a Vang!

    We had a bunch of used holt vangs around last week. I know we sold a bunch, but I think there were two or three left before the holiday. We have a new ones in stock as well of course.
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    shipping a laser

    best bet is to find a local sailor or someone on uship/craiglist who can transport it for you carefully on a dedicated trailer. If you need to ship it with a truck service, see if your local dealer has a new laser crate (cardboard) that they can lend you. Be very careful if you do this, as it...
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    Starboard cunningham

    always rig customers boats with it on the starboard side. Important to be able to reach in as you round the top market and easy it off. Those couple inches are a couple inches of hiking as you are on lay-line and then hiking it to windward to bear off. -- I have one or two customers that...
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    Top Section bottom cap

    You'll definitely want to replace the fitting on the base of the top section. I imagine without it, the mast is very likely to bend/fail, as it will only be supported in one small spot on the collar instead of two places. If possible, I'd try to get the cap out still. It sounds like you have...
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    Buoyancy Aid

    They are both pretty similar. The Zhik vest has less buckles exposed (1 big one instead of 4 smaller ones on the Gill) It makes the Zhik one a bit more 'sleek' if you will, but both are pretty low bulk and pliable to fit snug.
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    Help please! What size rivets to use?

    Turtled - Use a 3/16" x 1/4" deep rivet. Aluminum is fine on the mast plugs. Note: 3/16" is width of the rivet head itself, not the post you pull on 1/4" is the depth of the body of the rivet itself.
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    Wet sanding of boards

    Not to discourage you, but I spent a weekend one time, wet sanding and wet sanding. The boards were AMAZING. So smooth, so nice. I think I started at 400 grit and ended up at 1200 grit to see how nice they could become. On the second day of racing with them, I hit some sand/pebbly ground by...
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    new laser colours

    white, white and white, those are your choices :D -- As others mentioned, the boats are all coming 'vela grey' which, is a very light grey that is quite nice at cutting down any glare. It looks quite white in the sun. -- The last time we had a dash of color was summer 2008, the Youth Champs...
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    New Sail Question

    The sail comes with a sail bag and tell-tales, no battens. A few of us provide the sail numbers (and installation) for free.
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    Laser Sailing - The Video Game

    Unfortunately, not a real game :) I visited Brendan (owner of SEA) in Australia a few weeks ago, and he had this on his wall. He had a friend who worked at EA Sports who made it up for him.
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    Laser Sailing - The Video Game

    Just in time for Christmas :D
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    Shipping laser

    You could also get a box from your local dealer (maybe double box it) and see if it can go on big truck. Shouldn't be more than $700 or so like that. Expensive, but insured and reliable if you choose a big company.
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    Sailing alone safety question

    There ARE some boats that can cause problems like you describe, but the laser generally isn't one. Some catamarans, moth, and a few others will keep sailing away, or, while capsized and being very light, get pushed away. If you're sailing in the sound, it is cold, so dress for the water, not...
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    Hull/Sail Numbers, have we hit 200k?

    based on the current rate of production and all that I figure in the first half of 2011 we'll see number 200000. that's a lot of lasers