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    Rudder blade broke

    If you use wood glue and clamps, the joint will be stronger than the surrounding wood. The trick is not to clamp it so tight that you squeeze out all the glue. Look a picture of old sailing ships and you'll see they had iron bands around the rudder to prevent this. Sort of the same thing as...
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    sunfish sail without gooseneck

    Try this link to the 'Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor'...
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    Bent latch plate

    I had a bend plate and never could get it straight. Always had a 'wave' in it no matter how I hammered it.
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    A (hopefully) final trailer question

    Sometimes you just gotta do what has to be done. Welds will NOT fail over time if properly done. I've ridden in many aircraft made in the 1930's with a welded tube fuselage. The weld is just a strong as the surrounding material. Causes of weld failure can be poor penetration or poor surface...
  5. W defective products

    Re: defective products Don't think they realize what a bad review on the internet can do to a small business. I know it's standard practice for "Mega Corporations" to blow off customers because they always have 'More Customers.' Post a picture and that should 'Seal The...
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    Cockpit Re-entry after capsize

    I'd caution against using any small loop of rope that one could get a leg through or get tangled up in. Think of it this way, your foot slips through the loop, the loop slides up around your ankle, calf or thigh and then the boat capsizes again.
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    light wind sailing

    The pretty must sums up the answer. Just like a aircraft wing, the slower you go, the higher the Angle-Of-Attack the centerboard with demand. This gives you a 'Crab Angle' as the bow will be pointed up to 15 degrees from the direction of travel. After 15 degrees the Centerboard will be fully...
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    1975 sunfish restore hull/deck

    Well, that's one clean removal job. I'm sure I'd loose patience myself and resort to the 'Auto-Hammer.' Just a thought, how about skipping the foam blocks and making some hollow flotation chambers out of fiberglass. A few bulkheads would to the trick although each flotation chamber would...
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    Hello again.

    Sounds like Idaho is got both it's hands in your pockets. Don't have to license Sunfish or Canoes in Michigan. A few lakes around here are charging $6 ramp fees but there are still lakes around here back in the sticks that don't charge. Ever think of moving to Michigan? Aluminum Canoes...
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    Hello again.

    If you wife likes sailing I'd fix it up and have a friendly race around the lake against your wife. Three-out-of-five and the winner gets to keep the newer Sunfish for personal use. Just make sure you swap boats every-other race to make things fair and even.
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    Sailboats that weigh about 1500-1800 lbs. with a cabin?

    Don't think you transmission will hold together because you transmission is rated at 2000 lbs. and you are pulling 2000 lbs. Getting the trailer up the ramp can exceed max tow capacity. In fact, if you have a Dodge Caravan the transmission will crap out just trying to run the van down the...
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    Loose Rudder Mount on an old Sunfish

    Fiberglassing over the hole is not really worth the trouble. Installing a inspection plate is a 30 minute job and you'll be good to go. While you are at it replace the wood screw holding the bottom strap with a bolt and SS plate. I used Bar Stock from the local hardware. 3M 4200 works good to...
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    1975 sunfish restore hull/deck

    I was also thinking that cutting the trunk loose would create more problems than it is worth. Putting a bulkhead forward of the mast tube is a good idea. A couple of U-Bolts through the bulkhead and around the mast tube would add a lot of strength. I'd aim for a result that gives you a...
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    1959 Fiberglass Sunfish

    If it's a 59 Fiberglass I'd be inclined to keep things as original as possible. Would not really make any difference in value but Retro/Antique is cool to own. Maybe a inspection port in the cockpit wall where it will not show so much. If it has the original sail better still. The 1940's...
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    Mast tube and step details on a 2006 Sunfish

    I'd give the factory a call. Much too soon and too much money to be having problems. Might ask the following . . . 1. Will you fix free of charge or ship new hull? 2. If not 'Yes' on number one, what is the correct repair method? 2. What year did the change occur in the method of deck to mast...