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    sail bag pictures

    cflscorpion, what are you charging?:confused:
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    An easy way to remove sail attachment clips

    That's a good tip. Thanks! (I wish my sail looked as good as your's):(
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    top wind speed

    What are you guys talking about, empty daggerboard wells? Do you not need the daggerboard when sailing strong winds? I'm new to all this, only been out 5 or 6 times, but I remember once when I was coming into shore to land I pulled the daggerboard up too soon and found I couldn't control the...
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    Winter storage

    Would it be harmful to store my sunfish on it's side over the winter? :confused: I was thinking of putting a piece of carpeting down on the garage floor, and then rolling the boat up on it's side edge, and I'd hold it in place (against one of my garage walls, inside) with a strap or something...
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    Reconditioning the internal floats

    I have a '73 Sunfish. Do you think my boat has the thick teakwood inserts?
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    returning to sailing

    Lulusail, Where in the midwest are you?
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    returning to sailing

    That's pretty Kool!:D
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    Rudder is split

    For such a small job, if I didn't already have epoxy on hand I'd probably just go and get one of those double tubes of epoxy and hardener you see in hardware stores, Wal-marts, Menards, etc. They look like two syringes stuck together side-by-side. You just cut the tips off and press the plungers...
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    Rudder is split

    Glassing means you are glueing fiberglass cloth to the wood. You'd roll some epoxy on the wood, then lay a piece of fiberglass cloth in the wet epoxy, and then roll more epoxy onto the glass, filling the weave. When the epoxy cures the fiberglass cloth is bonded to the wood. I was familiar with...
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    Rudder is split

    I fixed a crack in my rudder by 'glassing both sides of it. I used thin epoxy resin and squirted epoxy into the crack before glassing the sides. My crack ran from one of the bolt holes to the back of the rudder (probably only 2 or 3 inches long). The glass adds strength and helps hold the...
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    Good finish for wooden rudder / daggerboard?

    Whose Ritchie? :confused:;) I use U.S. Composites 635 thin epoxy resin, with the slow hardener. Very clear, no blush. You could use the medium hardener, but you'd probably need to wash the blush off between coats, and also prior to varnishing. The slow hardener doesn't blush at all. Randy...
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    Good finish for wooden rudder / daggerboard?

    I sanded mine down to the wood, and then gave two coats of clear epoxy before finishing off with a couple coats of marine spar varnish. The epoxy was the stuff cedar strip boat builders use, i'ts thin and very clear. The reason for using it first is it's very,very hard (it will stand up to the...
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    Cold weather sailing

    Tag, How do you know what size to buy? I checked the shorties out at but I couldn't find any explanation of what size the sizes are (does that make sense?).
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    Sail suppliers

    Wow! Although Neil Pryde sails are roughly half the price of sails from, I notice that the weight of the material is very different. SunfishDirect uses 6 oz Dacron, while Neil Pryde uses 3.8 oz Polyester. I assume the 6 oz Dacron is better on many levels, but is it worth...
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    Here I go

    Hey, good luck! I'm on the same schedule as you, doing the same kinds of things. I'm hoping to sail Sunday for the first time EVER!