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Wow! Although Neil Pryde sails are roughly half the price of sails from, I notice that the weight of the material is very different.

SunfishDirect uses 6 oz Dacron, while Neil Pryde uses 3.8 oz Polyester.

I assume the 6 oz Dacron is better on many levels, but is it worth twice the cost? ( I know Neil Pryde sails aren't kosher for racing, but let's assume that doesn't matter, because it doesn't to me)

Is it possible that Neil Pryde sails are light enough that they could let some air through, causing a loss in efficiency?

I suppose the heavier sails would be more durable.


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Wow! SunfishDirect uses 6 oz Dacron, while Neil Pryde uses 3.8 oz Polyester.
:eek: I think SunfishDirect (Torrensen Marine) made a gross error in their sail specs . The Sunfish OEM sail by North is a 3.8~3.9 oz Dacron, as are most all sails for every quality boat in the Sunfish size range. A 6 oz sail would sit on a Sunfish like a heavy canvas tarp.

FYI, Dacron® is DuPont's trade name for their brand of Polyester fiber.
I have purchased several Neil Pryde sails and they are first rate. They are every bit as good as the Sunfish class legal recreational sails, well made and a great price. I have seen a few of the other aftermarket Sunfish sails and they don't compare to the Neil Pryde sails.

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No way air is going to pass through Dacron. Avoid the heavy weight material, it will be a detriment in light air and a boat as small as a SF isn't going to generate loads that a lighter sail couldn't easily handle in breezier conditions.


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****** sails offers high quality sunfish sails for 150 dollars. the sails are 3.8 oz dacron but are a lot flatter than the standard sunfish sail. available at ******