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    Help: Aft Deck Port Hole Over Solid Foam Block

    just take a knife and open it up a little, foam is just on the top side.
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    Fiberglass Stain Removers

    star brite hull cleaner. never failed me yet. walmart 8 bucks
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    phantom sailors?

    just curious how many folks out there have phantoms? i am looking for rigging tips. i recently got a 84 model and it is awsome. real stable and fast. i can stand up in it and walk around and sail it. thanks
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    Were do I go

    daggerboard slots seems about perfect!
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    Daggerboard Ideas

    i agree marine tex is awsome stuff!
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    fanny pads

    i got mine at west marine. i think is was sea sense brand. but forget about that stuff. check out Sea Deck website. you can buy a non skidd pad that is self adhesive. man now that would be sweet. not to pricey. check it out!
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    Fiberglass repair

    gob in some marine tex and go sailing.
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    fanny pads

    good idea i will try it
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    fanny pads

    i took care of it today with 15 dollar roll of non skid tape. i think it will work i also took off the wax around the cockpit. i guess i need to get some sailing shorts did not realize that they were grippies. man that is funny about velcro but not a bad idea.
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    fanny pads

    industrial velcro strips or maybe 3m 4200, i want to be able to take off and not harm the gel coat. 4200 should be ok not 5200.
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    fanny pads

    i can't stay on my boat, slicked it up so much that i am sliding all over. i am thinking about mounting some closed cell foam pads around the cockpit for comfort and a little more fanny grip. looking at a sleeping bag ground pad and cutting it to fit, velcro it down or silicone it in place...
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    new use for pool noodle

    i built a neat cradle for my boat using large pool noodle attached to cross beam. nice and cushy. i guess i have about 10 bucks in it. used plastic zip ties to secure it.
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    why would you want the daggerboard in the up and note fully seated in slot?
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    rudder system for escape

    the system looks like it would fit the sunfish gudgen. i don't have a fish now to confirm it. the cheeks look like the new ones for a fish and it has the spring pindle. i will try to get a pic. also i have the gudgeon that goes with it that is included so you could put it on the back of the fish...
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    rudder system for escape

    i have a tiller, cheeks and rudder assmebly for a escape sail boat. will take $60 for it.