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    Lightning Strikes

    "It is always the skippers responsibility to make their own decision regarding their participation in any race." I have seen this clause included in many of the sailing instructions of the regatta's I have participated in. Bottom's not like there is a million dollars riding on...
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    Passing of Brian Weeks

    Remembering Brian Weeks Past US Sunfish Class President It is a sorrowful moment to announce the passing of our friend Brian Weeks. He has been a huge supporter of boating, sailing and especially dinghy sailing on the Great South Bay and Nationally as a Past President of the US Sunfish Class...
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    sailfish sail

    Find out how much it would cost to have a used Sunfish sail cut down from your local sailmaker. I would buy the white sail from Alan Glos (btw...He is a great guy and knows his stuff..see the post that has two sails for sale) and bring it to the sailmaker with the spars. I have had some success...
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    sailing rules question

    Starboard boat has right of way.
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    do you sail in the rain?

    Rain yes, thunder, no.....we even sail when it is snowing!. The coolest thing about sailing when it snows is that you can often see the wind shift by watching the angle of the flurries on your sail....also, snow can build up on your deck, providing some good ammo for snowballs in case anyone...
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    Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5?

    I am primarily a racer and own both a Sunfish and a Force 5. I am 45 and weigh 190. If you want to race, I think the biggest factor is making sure that you have the same boat as everyone else in your club/organization. It is no fun to have the only ...(fill in the blank).. on the water if you...
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    Beneteau, Hunter or other?

    My father actually has a Catalina 34 for sale that is in pristine condition. In the last 7 years he has cruised around Lake Ontario a number of times. A few of those times he was solo. In 2004 he took the boat down the Oswego River to the Erie Canal west to Buffalo. He then solo sailed to...
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    amf force5?

    I own both a Sunfish and a Force 5. I love the Force 5 for taking people out sailing. There is more room than on the Sunfish and the boom is naturally higher and easier to get under. It is great for taking little kids out for a sail. I picked up a used one (Alcort '74) a few years ago for...
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    boat registration

    It all depends on the state you live in....Here in New York, you only need to register your boat if you are going to put a motor on it. I am pretty sure that some other states (but not many) require all boats to be registered. Mike Fortner Rochester Canoe Club
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    Sail replacement

    I agree with BB.....It is more important to hit the shift and make good decisions on the race course. I just replaced a sail last year that was purchased in 1999. During that time I averaged probably 90-100 races a year. I am still going to use that sail for club racing because it still...
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    What's the best way to store a sail?

    I don't think you should ever roll the sail up around the spars as well. I usually travel with the sail in the bag. I then use half strips of duct tape every few feet around the sail bag itself to snug thing up. It prevents the bag from flapping in the breeze. My sail bag is probably over 20...
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    Hand paddle

    How about this from APS (our sponsor at the top of this page)... while I don't own one, I have seen it used and it seems to work great! Mike Fortner Rochester Canoe Club
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    Hand paddle

    How about this from APS (our sponsor at the top of this page)... while I don't own one, I have seen it used and it seems to work great![/URL] Mike Fortner Rochester Canoe Club
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    Comparison of daggerboards

    Often someone will pick up a used boat and will need to upgrade a few items to make it competitive. The new style plastic board should be the FIRST item to pick up before a sail or anything else. It makes that much of a difference. Another word of advice...Keep the old board for just pleasure...
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    ISCA Website...

    It is easy to be critical when you hide in the "fog" or the "purple haze" behind a screen name and a fake alias. Thank you Bishop for having the vision many years ago to establish a site for the Sunfish Class. Our class can only benefit from people like yourself who dedicate time and...