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    Injection Molded Sunfish

    There are several different ways to put resin into a laminate. With any of the processes, the fabric is laid dry into the mold. With infusion, there is an airtight bag placed inside the laminate and a vacuum is pulled on the bag. Resin is pulled from a reservoir through hoses spaced around the...
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    Trailer for sale

    2004 Magic Tilt Trailer. Net capacity 600 lbs. Set up to carry Laser or Sunfish on its deck. Two spare mounted tires. Never been in the water. Reasonable offers considered. Call 772 713 4782
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    Odd doings at the Midwinters

    I was not there and do not know the answer, but my guess is that race 3 was abandoned and not resailed. On reason for doing that would be having a bad line setup (or other RC error) in a penalty start and failing to postpone before the starting signal. If the race is resailed, then many boats...
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    Struggling to identify sail number

    I stand corrected. Actually I was just reading a series of books about 9th century England. Time of Alfred the Great and the Danish invasions. I think it has my spelling off. Lundene = London; Hamtun = South Hampton; Wiht = The Isle of Wight and so on.
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    Struggling to identify sail number

    GB=Great Britton PSE= Performance Sailcraft Europe Everything between the manufacturer's code and the date is left to the manufacturer to decide. There would seem to be an extra character not present in US version HIN's. Date Code" A=January, B=February etc. So J4 = October of 2004 as the actual...
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    Struggling to identify sail number

    At one time, the HIN molded into the transom matched the sail number. At least on my 1993 boat built by Sunfish/Laser the IYRU sticker matches the HIN on the transom. I think that the builders stopped trying to match HIN's to sail numbers/ISAF stickers quite some time ago. I know that my...
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    All about to kick off....

    D313 indicates that it was built in April of 2013. See for an explanation of the HIN schemes used over the years. Of course no builder ever altered the numbers on stockpiled boats to make them look newer than they are. All they had to do is route out the old...
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    2008 Laser Standard Rig On Fl East Coast.

    It is still for sale. Please contact me directly if interested. E-mail: or call 772 713 4782 if interested
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    Zim Assumes LP's Role as Sponsor of US Sailing Events

    The discussion is interesting because we have some pretty large builders pulling production out of China and moving it to the US. A couple of weeks ago in Soundings Trade, Jim Johnstone referenced wage VS productivity as a big reason for moving Gunboat production to North Carolina. While the...
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    2008 Laser Standard Rig On Fl East Coast.

    2008 Laser with Seitech dolly. Race model, but with aluminum tiller. Sunbrella bottom cover, blade bag. 3 sails, one never used, and the other two are still reasonably good. Hull is white, deck is light gray and in excellent condition, no leaks. Asking $4000 or best reasonable offer. I also have...
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    Florida East Coast Rental

    Try contacting Alan Jenkinson at the US Sailing Center in Jenson Beach.
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    Questions about the levels of Laser racing.

    Jason, I suggest that you go over to Sarasota Sailing Squadron and meet some people. They do have some Lasers there and probably some kind of fleet racing that you could participate in without becoming a member. There is a series of inexpensive regattas on the West Coast of Florida. Contact...
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    Rules at the Windward Mark

    Sailing is NOT a contact sport and it's always best to avoid contact if possible and then protest the other boat when they broke a rule. No right of way rules turn off in a mark rounding and there is always a right of way boat and a keep clear boat. In this case A may not be entitled to mark...
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    LED Trailer Lights

    I have not found LED lights to be any significant improvement when they get imersed in water regularly. They leak and the individual lamps stop working one or two at a time. If the lights stay dry you don't have much trouble with either type. The reason for unplugging your lights before...
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    All lasers are the same right ? :S

    Sort of like Animal Farm, "All Lasers are equal, but some are more equal than others."