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    Carpet on daggerboard trunk

    Keep it simple. Hook a bungee on the cleat for the halyard in front of the splash guard back to the daggerboard. You can either drill a hole in the daggerboard or put an eyelet. When you lift it, the daggerboard is pulled forward and wedged in place where you leave it. The green bungees at...
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    daggerboard up or down...

    Here is what I do - When the water is shallow, I pull it up enough to clear the bottom or I will come to an abrupt stop. When going straight down wind, I pull it up to go a little faster. Otherwise I keep it down all the way.
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    Home-made Sunfish Dolly

    Today I made a short video retrieving my Sunfish from the beach. The sand really requires the fat, soft tires. I tried it with some skinny harbor freight wheels and they got bogged down in the sand.
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    Maximum wind to take out a Sunfish for average Sunfish sailor? "safely on ocean"

    I took my sunfish out on Pensacola Beach a few days ago and the wind was light and the waves were small. Even in these conditions the launch is no cakewalk. The key is to keep the boat pointed into the waves and get the centerboard down as soon as possible. Thanks to Signal Charlie for the...
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    PRACTICE beats PANIC!!

    Good Point Zrtsixx. In the words of Capt'n Ron "The best way to find out Kitty is to get her out on the ocean. If anything is going to happen , it's going to happen out there!"
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    Home-made Sunfish Dolly

    I took some more pics with the tape measure. I really am happy with this design. If you are worried about the stresses on your boat then maybe your boat is too weak to take on the water. There's no way this could damage any of my sunfish. The parts are made from 2X4 cedar. Enjoy.....
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    Jersey Shore Sunfish Sailing

    A little too far for me, but good luck! Is the water a little cold up there right now? BRRRRRR. :eek:
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    Mardi Gras Sail

    Our subdivision has a boat parade every Mardi gras and I joined in on my sunfish last weekend. Here's a short video: Enjoy.
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    '84 AMF Sunfish with bad deck

    Pressure wash everything, then decide on your repair options. I drug one home that looked similar to that a few years ago and now it is my number three sunfish. It is ship shape and most of the mold came right off. Enjoy!
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    Inside 60s Sunfish vs AMFlite

    Leaving just one port is smart - the fewer the better. I have three sunfish and only one of them has ports. Over the years the ports will deteriorate and tend to leak. One other suggestion - When cutting round holes use a fly cutter. It is a device that is adjustable you can use on your drill...
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    '84 AMF Sunfish with bad deck

    If you are up to it, you can find all the information you need here:
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    Home-made Sunfish Dolly

    I snapped a photo of my new, improved sunfish dolly. The first dolly was made from some hard rubber wheels I got from Harbor Freight and they didn't work very well in sand. The short axles didn't work very well either. I ordered a wheel and axle kit from "" which solved the sand...
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    Sunfish Pickin Perdido Beach AL

    Hey I saw that one on Craigslist! Good find! Good luck with the restoration.
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    Sailboat pajama pants FTW!

    That was years ago and it was my first sunfish. It came like that. I have since replaced the sail and adopted two more sunfish. I've replaced all of the important parts on two of them but the third one needs a few parts. Pat - That photo was taken at the end of my street in Omaha and was...