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    For Sale:  2002 Catalina 14.2 centerboard

    2002 Centerboard 14.2: Located in Huron Ohio Trailer 2 boat covers (trailer and mooring) articulating motor mount roller furling jib excellent condition sail slugs on main (for on boom storage) boomkicker sails still crisp with no damage. Asking $3,400 E-mail me for more info...
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    Capsize Recovery

    No you should not break it. However you may not need to stand on the centerboard if you weigh that much, just reach up grab it and pull it down. I can right mine with no problem and I weigh 135 so I don't think you will need to stand on the centerboard.
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    Wanted : Hobie Bob Found one on ebay.
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    You can get clips for specifically putting flags on your shrouds. I think West marine Has them, I use them on my boat all the time, they work great. Also you can attach a line from the main halyard to the back of the boom and simply raise the flags with the mainsail, that works well too.
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    Sailing My 14.2... FAST!

    It was a windy day, about 20-25 kts, The waves on the bay were 2-4 ft. I had the urge to go sailing so I proceeded to cruse the marina looking for crew, this step proved to be difficult. Finally I rounded up two guys that were willing to go. I prepared my boat at its temporary slip and we all...
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    Another New Guy Question

    I weigh about 130 lb. and I single hand my boat in up to 15 knots of wind without any problems. I find it quite enjoyable and hardly any work in any wind up to 12 kts. after that I may have to start hiking more and have to be a little careful when single handed but but the sails still easy to...
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    New guy with questions

    Great, I hope it works out well for you. It sounds like a perfect solution in your situation.
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    New guy with questions

    BoomKicker I have a "boomkicker" on my boat, It is simply a flexible fiberglass structure that acts like a rigid boom vang when the sails are down and it does not effect anything when the sails are up. I think it works quite nicely and may be just what you are looking for...
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    Stern Cleats

    If you are worried about lines getting snagged on you cleats look at these
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    Capri Spinnaker

    Has anyone ever put a spinnaker, flasher, or something similar on their boat or heard of someone doing so. I realize that is is not allowed by the class rules but I think that It would be something fun to play with on calmer days. I was thinking of purchasing a used sail from a comparable...
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    Some pix from season 1

    Sounds like you are going to need some flags of your own. By the way. I sail in the Sandusky bay most of the time.
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    Some pix from season 1

    I strung several flags together, tied them to the end of the boom and used the main halyard to hoist them.
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    Some pix from season 1

    One Word: "Yarg!"
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    The Catalina 14.2 Is it safe ???

    I have had my boat for 3 years now and only capsized once and well, I probably should have not been sailing that day (25 kts. w/ 30 kt gusts). Otherwise I sail in anything form 2 to almost 20 knot wind with few problems, I find it very easy to manage with two people. However, the risk of...
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    Shroud bases? By shroud bases do you mean chainplates?