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Hi! We bought a Hilu last fall. It took us a few months to get it back to designed configuration, a former owner (Bradley?) had reversed the hulls and put some blocks/cams in odd locations. We sailed it a few times in July in light winds. We have a sail ordered for it so that I can put the blue and yellow one back on my '71 Sunfish. E-mail if you have suggestions and tips for new Hilu owners.
If you can do $200 for the daggerboard and the sail, shipped to me at address below, I'm ready to buy. I can pay with Paypal of Facebook Pay.

231 Big Springs Drive
Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35216
Thanks Wardie, I agree its a good deal and I can do $250 Paypal. Can you take a few pics of the daggerboard? I'm only seeing the handle in the pic added earlier. For the sail, can you take it out of the box and shoot a pic or two of that both sides?
BTW, my cell is 205-601-1222 if you prefer to text the photos
sent pic of board Scott. Sail boxed and unopened. I believe wavedancer sold me the sail hes been a poster from a long time I trusted him on the sail.
are you still look ing for a j24? you should try southwestern yacht club, I know they have one that has not been sailed in a while. you could also ask mission bay aquatic center, they have 4-5. I race mine locally, we usually have 3 j24's racing pretty regularly. would be awesome to get more out there
Hey there. About a year ago you asked if a Capri 14.2 was still for sale. I had already bought the boat but am now willing to part with it. If you might still be interested please let me know.
Hi there. Not sure this boat is still available but if it is, would love to take a look and possibly take it off your hands.
Are you the same "tillerman" of that Sailing Anarchy Thread #2831 ? If so, I only want to let you know, that I really made the comparsion "Little Bonaparte" versus Mr. Michon. From my side: Shevy quoted me correct, absolutely! His reply #2830 and bis reply #2832 I confirm! Have allways an extra blow into your sail, all the best from GER (Northrhine Westfalia), Lu
We are interested in looking at this. Our phone number is 207-884-7058... Ask for Henry. Or give us your phone number and he will call you. Thank You.
Is your Laser that is for sale still available? We are actively looking and would like to purchase by this weekend. We are serious about a purchase (yours or other - depending on who still have their boat available). Like I said, we are serious about a purchase so we would appreciate your getting back to us as soon as possible. We are in London.
need trailer for J24 on block island Bob Closter 401 258 2848 is it available
Did you ever get an answer to your question? I am going to moor my 14.2 and would like the same setup to have cable support the mast .
Hi, I live in CT but I am from Montreal and member of PCYC and visiting June 30--is your boat still available? What year? I really only need the hull, as already have multiple lasers