XD System Installation

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I just brought myself a 89' Laser in superb condition and would like to update it with the XD system, cunningham and outhaul. Does anyone know any good web sites with explanations on how to install the XD system? Has anyone done it before?

Thanks for your input!
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Thanks Sailorchick, but I would also like to know about installing the XD system onto the deck of the laser. Did anyone use a backing plate for support? Any advice on installing this? Websites? Experiences?

Not sure what you mean by backing plate? When you buy the kits everything you need is in them and they fit the same screw holes as the old system parts. Its all very simple to fit - even I managed it without any hassle.

It will probably make much more sense to you once you have the parts in front of you.
I did this this weekend on my 82 Laser using the Vanguard Performance Upgrade kit. Everything I needed was in there and diagrams were good. I just used the old cleat holes with some 3M 4200 sealant on threads and worked well. I'd only consider a thru-bolt with a backing plate if a) holes were really stripped and b) I had an inspection port. The only other things the kit didn't include were 1) a means to secure the cunningham to the old style Vang - I just tied with the mast retaining line but will replace with a shackle or carabiner 2) Quick disconnects or hooks: I don't believe race legal but for convenience an outhaul hook and Cunningham quick disconnect will allow rapid derigging and rerigging without running lines through multiple pulleys.
I did it by hand - don't trust power drills for sensitive work where stripping is a concern, though I suppose if you kept clutch setting low and did last bit by hand it would be fine. For the fairlead one up front don't attach the blocks until after it's screwed on - the block swivels will block the screw heads (as I learned).
I bought one of the Rooster kits. It was very easy to fit.

The deck fittings are simply a case of unscrewing the old ones and screwing on the new ones, using some sealant. I just used a screw driver.
Other than that a few knots are required to fit the outhaul and the block for it at the goose neck, and replace the old vang with the new one/downhaul.