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  • Thanks for the info about recovering in surf. I don't have much experience in surf and looked at your comment.
    I wondered if you could turn the bow into the wind, lift the rudder and board up or out completely, jump out and hold onto the front of the boat, weighing it down? Would that be a safe option?
    Ta for info on sail 4 !!??..still seems to keep reasonble/good pace on the mark 6's ive been been against. Your bottom section (mast).. does it have any small prebend? this one does and i think it makes the sail too flat compared to sail area above window The strange settings of a lot of outhaul,no cunny , and small vang load ,,upwind in 8-10 knots and it flew and pointed,,lots of learning ahead...see ya
    hola....sailorchick, you rock!! I am a wimp~~ Yesterday I raced on the master circuit in East Florida...mostly grownups and some very good young ones....I wore gloves...still I have a boo boo on my right hand from playing the main in 15 to 20 knots of wind...ouch. Lady you rule!... and much to learn I have :)
    be well


    ps sailing the "bigger" boat today with friends a Lippincott 30 named SHIPAJOY
    ps the laser is named CHEESECAKE, 'cause she is so sweet to sail
    Hey thanks for the riggin photos, gonna steal a few ideas. The old watch strap on the vang is a good one. Great laser surfin shot on ur profile as well.
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