Winter storage when frostbiting

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I plan to frostbite my laser on Long Island Sound. Temperatures may be below freezing on race days. Given these conditions what is the best way to store the laser once a race day is finished (at the club where I race)? I really have no option (that I know of) except either right side up or upside down on my dolly. I have read reviews in this forum espousing both methods. What make practical sense to me is upside down (hull up- covered) so that when temperatures do get above freezing water can drain from the boat. However I read a post that if water/ ice is in the hull and the boat is left upside down it can impact the stiffness of the deck.

Thanks for your thoughts / help?
My laser is left outside all year round, right side up, with cover on. Seems to cope fine with all conditions, including the recent -10C we've had.
If you're religious about covering your boat properly and keep the bow up and keep fresh o-rings on your bailer so that it can be kept open in storage and you drain the mast-step after every day of racing and you're ok with knocking a bit of ice out of the cockpit before racing occasionally, right-side up might be your deal.

I'm borrowing a friend's boat for the year and he has no covers and no proper laser dolly (borrowed a V15 dolly), so upside down avoids ice accumulation (step/cockpit) and it's easy to knock the snow off to get ready for racing. I stow the boom tied near the mast step and slipped under the traveler under the boat, no ice on the boom or outhaul lines week after week.

Either way doesn't really change the amount of load the boat/dolly is going to take if the boat gets loaded up with snow.