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IMG_2583.JPG I am in the process of refinishing my daggerboard and I want to attach a bungee chord on the front edge of the board. Except I don't know which is the front edge and which is the trailing edge. Can you help? My board is the bottom (rounded) board.


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Hey—Those are MY boards! :eek:

Most of the boards show wear-marks that suggest that the clip is kept to port.

My Porpoise II had a handle marked so as not to make that "mistake". ;)

(Clip to port, again)

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Those are your boards. I was looking at old threads trying to find an answer to my question, and your picture of your boards turned up in the thread that concerned primarily the other boards and not the rounded one. But it was easier to use your picture than to photograph my as yet not quite refinished board. Thanks for the picture and thanks for your answer!


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With a factory board it's not going to make any detectible difference
which way you insert it, you can easily test this out. Your board looks
almost exactly like a AMF Puffer board with some of the bottom edges rounded.


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Looking back at my worn and poorly-finished boards, I probably shouldn't have claimed them! :confused:

The rounded board is interesting, in that the leading- and trailing- edges are at different heights—and those edges have different "roundness-es". That's the board that came with the Porpoise II. I've kept it, as it seems to do a good job. I extended the length by removing the stock handle, and securing it up one inch. (Showing the dark area, formerly enclosed by the handle.

Also interesting is that there doesn't seem to be consensus at Google on the correct direction to place the board: :oops:

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Back in the late 60's, the sailing club I learned at taught that the rounded leading edge goes to the front, the thinner trailing edge to the stern. That still makes sense to me as it gives the daggerboard a teardrop shape. The curve on the bottom doesn't figure into it. Looking at Light and Variable's rounded bottom board you can see damage on the trailing edge that occurred when the daggerboard dragged on the bottom and was jammed (pivoted) into the bottom of the daggerboard slot. My original 1969 board is the same style and has damage in the same place.
If you have the original, round bottom board, it makes very little difference as the edge rounding from the factory is the same for the leading and trailing edges. If over time, one edge is more rounded and the other edge is thinner, make the rounded edge the leading edge and attach your cord on the top at that edge.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY