Wheeled Hand Cart for Sunfish?

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I just purchased a sunfish, and will keep it on a lake where everyone pulls their boats out and up the shore to an area when they can be locked to a chain. I need to build a set of wheels on a little cradle that I can slip under the boat and to which I can strap the boat on, so I can pull her by her bow 20 or 30 feet. Have any of you made something like this before? Do you have pictures or plans you can share? Is there an easier way??? Thanks much.
the black PVC dolly Wayne shows above is mine - I still haven't truly tested it in sand, but I have a feeling my chosen wheels might be too narrow for soft beach sand. I have used it on several paved ramps, grass and hard-packed sand with great success, though.

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thanks for ideas. I ended up building one of my own design, but studied lots of others as I drew up my plans. Its easy to transfer my boat from its trailer to the dolly, as well as slip the dolly under it while its in the water. I've used mine with boat strapped on, on both rolling, grassy slopes and in sand. Works really well except in one particularly mucky mud/sand spot - I suspect I need to look for wider wheels. Again - my thanks for your help.