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Warped hull reinforcement


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I recently bought a 1992 14.2 keel version that is in rough shape and is my first boat. It’s been siting on its trailer in the sun and full of water for about a decade from what I can gather. The wooden stringers supporting the mast are trash now and I will replace those no problem. I pulled out the cubby and have been crawling through the hole to gain access to the inside of the hull. The wood supporting the center of the deck is in ok shape despite sitting in water for quite awhile.
The main problem I have had was several large dents in the hull from the custom trailer bunks. I put the boat on slings and was unable to push the dents out... until I noticed the large foam piece that is fiberglassed over on the bottom of the hull. I was able the push the dents out with the assistance of a heat gun after cutting loose the fiberglass over the foam.

the foam piece provides structural support for the bottom of the boat and I don’t want to get rid of it. However it is soaked with water still and warped pretty good. It extends almost the entire width of the boat so pulling it out is going to be very difficult if things go that way.

Any suggesting on salvaging the foam hull reinforcement?

I’ll post more pictures when I get them