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Video: Nothing Like A Day On The Water


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Another great day on the water. I was over at Andy's last weekend and he helped fine tune my sail so it performed better. We also put a cleated block on my boat and I really liked being able to cleat off and have a free hand. At one point during a gust however, I was hiked over and couldn't uncleat. I thought I was going for a swim and all I could do was hike out further. A capsize would have been OK as the water was warm and the day was hot. Last Saturday was the first anniversary of sailing my new Sunfish. I got twenty three sailing days in during that time and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Andy, Greg and I had some really good sailing yesterday.


Andy, I was watching your video on mounting locations, directions to point the camera.
I found on my Sunfish, the best mount was off the lower boom, by the clew of the sail. Only downside is lack of adjustments once I start sailing. Plus my older GoPro has no remote so it’s just always on, can make for a long, sorta boring video.