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I'm new to this group and look forward to learning, and perhaps even sharing info. I am an exerpienced sailor- have a 23' McGregor Venture Newport which for various reason have not put in th water for a few years (it is going in next summer...) Recently bought a 1985 used Sunfish in good condition and am having a great time with it.

I have what I understand is called a tote to wheel it from my home to the boat ramps (a few streets away). The tote is a 2 wheel device that is attached via the daggerboard slot under the boat. It does a good job transporting the Sunfish, but unless I am missing something, it is a pain the get the Sunfish on and off of it. I have to tip the boat to get it in or out of the slot.

I'm considering this type of device (hope the picture comes through), which looks like the Sunfish would rest on the pads and I can push or pull it to move it from the bow or stern. I would place it near the daggerboard slot for balance, but it would not go into the slot.

Any thoughts as to whether this will work without damaing the boat?

Short of buying a trailer, what do others do ?

Thanks very much.

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I will work. We have the Railblaza model of that for our kayaks and canoe. For the Sunfish you have to figure out how to get it under the middle of the boat.

But we use Dynamic Dollies for our Sunfish
I have the steel Vevor boat dolly. Works great if you do not mind the extra weight along with the lower cost. Easier to keep the boat in place (this I have experienced) but harder to launch (this I have not tried but have heard) than the aluminum ones due to the rubber pads closer to the bow.