Tiller separation


Hi all. (Unfortunately) Due to this COVID19 all yacht clubs are closed, but sailing isn’t only offshore. And I wanted to separate my rudder from tiller/tiller ext to put everything in blade bag. But I found out my tiller stuck in a rudder (pictures below)
How can I separate them?
Plastic hammer.

How did it go that far?

Nice question how it happened. I don’t know how. Probably it was in ok position but somebody hit my boat from stern and tiller has gone from its position. As you can see ok the pictures tiller isn’t exactly in the center, it’s a bit left.

Do I need any lubricant ex. WD-40? to decrease grip?
Looks more like someone/-thing has hit the tiller from the front. Mine doesn't even go flush with the stainless part, but ends a few mm inside it.

I don't think lubricating would help much, but it won't hurt either.

My Favourite new tool is a hot air gun. Amazing what you can do with them. Try heating the stainless up just a little, it may expand enough to free it.
Thank you all for advising! I really appreciate it. Will tray all of the ways that we’re described here ASAP, when I’ll come again to my YC
Congratulations! You’ve achieved the impossible. It may be even harder to get it out than it was to get that far in...

When mine got stuck in there I just waited until the season ended and took a hammer and a screwdriver and a hammered it out. But now the season has really just begun apart from the virus thing... mine was no where near that bad though. I actually took the rudder blade out of the head stock and that seemed to help a little bit in just positioning it so I could get a good wack at it. It also might help you keep the foil scratch free.