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I would have to say all of you are wrong, lake erie sailing is the best and everyone who sails on lake erie knows it. I hope one day all of you will realize we are the best.......

The waves are great on lake erie. The max i sailed on the lake was 6 footers. those were good sufers and you could not see the boat in front of you.
I think we should all chill in this conversation. The only thing that really matters is that we all do and can sail. (not always). And that we are all Laser sailers which we should all be able to agree on is close to impossible to beat. So no matter where we sail, with how much wind and when, doesnt matter, but the fact that we can all sail, and be greatful enough to do so and to be able to talk about it here on the web.
well I sail out of Lake Ontario, now we don't usually get huges waves where I sail cuz most of the time the wind comes from the north so it is shifty , and we don't normally get huges waves because of it.
At least we Americans dont have to worry about getting eaten by a great white shark, and speaking with a funny accent.
We're the koolest country in the world because the three most powerful people in world are Bush, Dick and Colon.
never seen a shark whilst sailing in all my life, only time ive seen a great white shark is on TV, & america aint that cool, all the best boats are designed in australia & new zealand, so you guys are shit, where is your worlds fastest boat? no where.
ohh & you americans do have the stupidest accent in the world. a lot of americans that i have chatted to are thick as shit. you guys do suck.
As much as I hate to get sucked into this kind of discussion, I must say my part. To the Aussie's credit, Australia is an awesome cointinent that I'd love to visit and is home to some great sailing as well as the birth place of the Bethwaite fleet. All of my sailing coaches are from New Zealand and they are all by far the coolest people I've ever met. From what they say (and they've sailed EVERYWHERE) New Zealand is one of the top places.

But to the credit of the rest of the world, France is home to some of the fastest designs today. The world record shattering 140 Mari-Cha 4 ( was designed and built in france. French built and designed Open 60's and boats of that sort are also dominating many of their respective classes. Not to mention the last America's Cup, which I'm sure we're all aware of.

And certaintly don't forget the reason we're all here, the Laser, built in Canada but with much credit going to America.

And about the accent, I think it's awesome. Our coaches get so many chicks from it. It's unbelievable.
ha ha ha ha, mari cha 4 was designed by Greg Elliott ( down the bottom) of the best designers in the world, designing kick arse boats that are way ahead of their time, he is from new zealand. he would have been the designer of the hull because he knows exactly how to get the best from the boat. america's cup boats are slow. if you look at the sports boats, all the new designs have been influenced by Greg Elliott's boats. ohh & who were the first to beat your ac defenders, australia.
Glenn W. said:
At least we Americans dont have to worry about getting eaten by a great white shark, and speaking with a funny accent.
We're the koolest country in the world because the three most powerful people in world are Bush, Dick and Colon.
I yesterday read in our newspaper here, that last week a Surfer at a beach (200m distance to the shorline) in California was catched by a shark (the Surfer survied).
By the way, I love the Continents of America and Australia (or Australia and America), but I don´t understand why they must grumble to each other. Unfortunately in this live I´m not able to vistit both to find out why.

Keep cool there at the Land of ( now dead) Superman and the Land of Crocodile Dundee
I only hate america because of a few reasons, 1 our prime minister, suckin up to GWB, 2 I don't like GWB (cause he looks as week as piss & to me isn't a very good president compareds to america's last president) & what he has done to america & what he is doing to other countries, did i tell you that i dislike john howard our prime minister? cause i do.
and another reason i dislike a few of the americans that i have chatted to is because of their arrogance & the fact that they think that they are the best in the world.
Isn't it funny that we're reading arguments about who's better by folks from two nations that were pretty much founded by disgruntled or criminialized subjects of the British Empire? How about we take this discussion out on Main Street and shoot it up High Noon style to see who's better. Or it could even make for a great feature film: Crocodile Dundee vs. The Terminator. LOL