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Sunfish sails and parts - deal of a lifetime


Upside down?
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This is bad (long-term) news for those who need a specific boat part. Also for the fairly knowledgeable staff; I am afraid that some of them will be laid off.
I am also afraid that APS won't make it long term as a clothing store; too much competition!

beldar boathead

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I agree. I’m not sure where I am going to get stuff - and everyone I know gets a LOT of things from APS. And I’m sure Annapolis has plenty of clothing stores already. If I recall, and it has been a long time, APS is off the beaten path so will probably have to move to a higher traffic area to have a chance as a clothing store.


25% off is a great discount for a Harken main sheet block as well. Tempted to grab an extra one at that price.

Pete Z

Beldar do you remember Lands End? They had a beautiful slick paper catalog with all sorts of items for sail boats. Then they started selling some clothing and over a few years abandoned boat parts altogether. They made out just fine.