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Sunfish rental in Southeast Michigan


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A colleague of mine just told me that his 24-year-old daughter is interested in learning to sail. He’s thinking that his 18 foot Hobie cat is not the best place to start. He’s wondering if there are any sunfish (or, for that matter, any other monohull sailboats) That can be rented in Southeast Michigan.


Depending on where they are in SE Michigan will likely matter. I don't specifically know of any Sunfish rental options, but there are some sailing groups/clubs that might be worth checking out.

Greater Detroit Sunfish Club (not sure if they have extra boats, but they race several times during the summer): Security Check Required

Stoney Creek: CreekFleet Sailing Club (more likely daysailors than Sunfish)

Pontiac Yacht Club: Welcome to Pontiac Yacht Club (club with a lot of Lightnings, but they offer learn to sail classes for kids - I had my boys take the class a couple summers in a row, and there are multiple Sunfish stored at their club).

Michigan Sailing Club: MICHIGAN SAILING CLUB

Midwest Sailing & Portage Yacht Club: Home Page ⋆ Midwest Sailing & Portage Yacht Club

There are multiple yacht clubs along the Detroit River.... but I'm not sure I'd want to learn to sail a small boat and deal with river currents and freight traffic, tbh.


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Thanks for the quick response, tag. My colleague lives in Birmingham, so the Pontiac sailing club on Cass Lake would be a great choice.
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