Sunfish racing tactics?


I'm starting to get more and more seriously into racing my sunfish at local regattas and am starting to discover that what is holding me back is no longer my boat speed or ability to play the shifts but more my boat to boat tactics, especially downwind. I understand the basic right of way rules and how to use them to your advantage, the basics of how to use your wind shadow against people behind you (or ahead of you on the run, how to use the wind shifts upwind, and to head up anyone trying to get inside of you on the run until the 3 boat length circle, but past that I have a lot to learn and often lose a lot of ground on the way downwind, and evidently things that work on other boats don't always work in sunfish. What are your favorite strategies for defending and trying to catch up downwind? Upwind? How to know which jibe is favored? How much windward heel? Any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated, I love being on the water and being competitive. Thanks everyone!
Sounds like you have covered a lot of good skills for racing. Only thing I’d say is in lighter air, have your body weight as far forward as possible & heal to weather as much as you’re comfortable with, also use a masthead fly like audio tape or gaff whiskers to keep sail square to the wind which indicates when necessary to gybe.
Sail Fast my friend
1. Sailing by the lee is supposed to be fast, but do not (ordinarily) get your boom out beyond 90 degrees.
2. When heeling to windward have a very light touch on the tiller extension. You will notice that at some degree of heeling the helm becomes totally neutral. That's where you want to be.
3. There's (a lot) more. For instance, whether a straight line to the leeward mark is better or whether you want to sail a curve with some reaching.
4. You also need to look (far) ahead; getting an inside overlap at the leeward mark can be a major advantage.
5. If the leeward mark is a gate you will have to make some more choices.

I am still learning after xx years!
Sailing downwind is harder than sailing upwind as the sail does not luff with every little windshift. So the key is to have good wind indicators and respond to every shift. I like mylar cassette tape on wire outriggers mounted about 4' off the deck off the gaff (upper boom.)

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The above comments are all correct.

jjcsunfish practce a lot time on the water is important. Are there good sailors at your club to see what you are doing, question and answers, debrief?

I would go to outside regattas the more you race the better. I have been to some that the top sailors have a setup session before hitting the water. Sunfish sailors are very open and helpful.
Yes, I am very lucky to have a great group of sunfish sailors around me who are generally very open and helpful. That's one of the main reasons I prefer racing sunfish. The people can make or break the class and so far sunfish sailors seem to be the best at making it the best it can be
The Sunfish Bible is a bit dated, but contains a lot of very detailed information on how to race a Sunfish. About $45 on Amazon.