Sunfish names

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I'm new to this. My daughter is a proud new Sunfish owner. She has been refurbishing used parts and is thinking of a name for her boat, but when she asked if I knew any names given to Sunfish, I drew a blank. I oowned and sailed Sunfish back in the day, but I can't remember if any of the boats I had or raced with had names. Do any of you have named boats? Know of other names? Is there a proper place to paint the name? Any advice appreciated!
My two Sunfish are called: Awerican Pie & Popsicle Toes. Used magic marker on stern. Previous Sunfish was named: Deja vu. Thinking about renaming one: Graceless Lady and putting the Rolling Stones "tongue" where the Sunfish logo goes.

Al Courtines
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Thanks for the information. Interestingly, Miranda's first thought for a name was "Ruby Tuesday", after the Stones song, and she was thinking of incorporating tongue logo as well.

Regards, Jonathan
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Thats a great idea. Transom on a Sunfish seems too small and is obscured by the rudder. Besides, the twelve meters put the name midships, so it evokes a grand tradition. I'll pass the idea to my daughter.

Thanks, Jonathan