sunfish mainsheet block update

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I know there are several threads here about updating the mainsheet block. for quite a long time, I was planning to go with the swiveling cam cleat and a ratchet block, as described on the forum in a few places, but it seems like this option might not work as well as thought, at least with the Harken 241 swiveling cam cleat (discussed here, scroll down to comment #38).

I instead used Wayne's method (thanks Wayne!), and just put an eyestrap on the deck, connected the ratchet block to that, and then mounted a standard cam cleat on the cockpit lip (replacing the good ol' hook). Here are 2 pics of the final result - and I'm pretty happy with it. Note - I never did get the stand-up spring to work, but I don't mind installing the block each time I sail.

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meech, I made the switch this late spring/early summer - so used this setup all summer. I didn't sail a ton, though. I really liked it, though, and felt it did help me pay more attention to the sail trim than I used to.

for me, it was a change to get used to using the block only, and not cleating off. my old setup was a swiveling cam cleat - so I would just adjust the sail, cleat off, and then fiddle with the rudder as I sailed. worked fine in lighter wind, but could get a bit crazy in heavier winds. here's a picture of my OLD setup:

the mainsheet ratchet block is nice - the sides of the sheave grip the mainsheet and reduce the amount of pull my hands deal with. still, I sailed with my wife on Crystal Lake in northwest Michigan, sailing about 5 miles out and back in pretty heavy wind, and my hands were killing me afterwards, but we didn't cleat it off at all.

I'd definitely recommend the change - I really think it's a better setup, and as I mentioned, will hopefully get me to concentrate on sail trim more.

yeah, I'm in Michigan. live in a west suburb of Detroit. haven't sailed a ton around here, though - mostly on a small lake at Kensington Metropark. sailed a bunch on vacation this summer though up near Traverse City (on East Bay), then Crystal Lake near Beulah, and then on Lake Michigan near Arcadia.

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Do you have the Harken part number for that cleat?
The cam cleat is the Harken 150.

The block is the Harken 2135, a 57mm carbo ratchet block. A lot of people on the Sunfish Forum recommend the Harken 019, but I talked with Chris at Torresen Marine early this spring:
we discussed the use as the mainsheet for a Sunfish, and the two different options from harken, 019 vs the 2135. he mentioned to me that the 019 has been around since probably the 1960′s, and that they (Torresen) mainly keep the 019 in stock for people who are looking to upgrade their block, but match it with the look of other hardware on their sailboat. he continued on to say that the 2135 is the more current model, and as such has newer technology adapted into the design, and should be lighter as well. he highly recommends the 2135, and as a bonus – it’s a couple dollars cheaper!