Summer Sailing

A Carver? Not sure which picture you are referring to.

this one
What is going on with the aluminum-framed windshield?

Does it lift-up or get removed in order to reach the mooring line? Fixed in place?
Fixed. The Sorg either didn't come with a windscreen or it was missing, The gent who restored the hull in Michigan made the windscreen. I suppose those strips could be wood, but maybe he was trying to match the other bits of aluminum and chrome trim on the boat.
Outer hull complete on the Nutshell Pram, George Kirby Jr Marine Topside Paint, color Maynard Bray Off White is the color. We've used Kirby on our fiberglass boats also, it is a great paint. Family owned since 1846, George IV runs the business now and answers phones when he is not mixing paint. OBTW they can mix custom colors. The interior has first coat of TotalBoat 2 Part Epoxy Surfacing Primer, it's our first time to use it and it rolled on easily. I used it for the hybrid epoxy/priming qualities, wanting to seal the wood and have a primer coat applied. For a boat that will see heavier use, 2 coats of epoxy onto raw wood would be our choice.


In other news our Catfish SMEDLEY moved to the Medicine Wheel Deck. The pergola doubles as a small boat hoist, SMEDLEY needs to be lifted off the trailer and flipped, so I can repair two holes in the hull and work on the capsize recovery straps.

Charlie, saw the “Navarre RR” prop in your shop. Do you live in Navarre, FL? One picture looks like the Sound. We’re on the Sound in Mary Esther.
Hi Bob McT

We lived in Navarre 2011-2021, on East Bay. Nice little spot mot of that decade, but we got some wild days with weather being on the fetch end of the bay.

We updated the yard art Christmas 2021 to include some of our new local railroads. Can you spot Skipper's Sunfish on the flatcar?


What the realtor shows you...


What they forget to mention...This was Sally, 2020.Unfortunately of our 16 small craft none of them were surfboards :) Our neighbors brand new dock did okay because it had the flow through decking. Our much older dock had the flow away decking...

Flag Pier Sally.png

We saved that flag BTW. 10 years = 3649 nice days. We are now in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, closer to more family and the granddaughter, and enjoying many great spots to Mess About.
So we had to call it. Time of death, 12:34. I was thinking "this hinge isn't very robust, then I got to the next step in the instructions where it says to bolt the two frame halves together. I did and there was still some flex between the frame halves. Then I thought, if it's bolted, how do you fold it? So I flipped to the back where the folding instructions are, and the procedure is to remove those two bolts, and also to remove 4 bolts from the leaf spring brackets. I chuckled a little, I have been snookered. In my book I call that disassembly. The tipping point was when I saw that the nylock nuts were already looking chalky. In Haul Masters defense the instructions also mention storing the trailer in a dry location to inhibit rust...does it need a night night blankie and bed time story too? Final straw, the holes on the leaf spring brackets didn't line up with the frame. I looked and looked to see if I put the side rails on in the wrong spot our upside down, but none of the hole combos made sense. At this point I wondered if I could just use it for a yard trailer, but decided that I'll haul it to the dump now before it gets any heavier and won't fit in the metal recycle bin. And I'll send Harbor Freight my notes, maybe they'll refund some money. It's not worth my time to take it apart and haul it back to the store, luckily I got it with my member discount for $300. I'll keep the tires, they are good Carlisles, maybe the axle and springs, that will offset my loss a little.

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Sounds like something you'd buy at Ikea!
Bob McT

Nice looking setup! I like how you have some sea grass along the shoreline. All ours was gone and we tried to replant, with limited success. Nice looking boat and sail choice to.
Nicely done. :cool:

What are bronze and brass items? One looks like a secure holder for two oars.
The double hook on the middle thwart is a Wilcox Crittenden Inc security lock for the oars. I guess dinghies and/or oars get borrowed on the beach, so if your pram has the W&C version of the steering wheel Club, the pirate moves on to the boat that is more available. The stem that goes below the thwart has holes in it for a small lock.

Brass: Keel chafing strip, oarlock sockets
Bronze: Oars lock, oar locks, rudder fittings, Sunfish snap shackle on sheet and forward boom end, Sunfish eyestrap for boom connection


And you still have several days left! Overachiever. Thanks for sharing the nice photo.

In other news, the Nutshell is finished. I'm thinking she'll be a sporty little sailer, with 55 sf balance lug on a 7' 7" hull. That's 7.35 sf of sail per foot, compared to the Sunfish's 5.45 sf/ft.

Can't you see a little jib on a bowsprit and a mizzen off of a bumpkin?

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Here's few more..
1. Summertime Dream (1/4 ton) : Built by choate sailboats(USA) and designed by carl Schumacher .
2. Super Sunfish: Built by choate sailboats(USA) and designed by carl Schumacher.
2022 wrap-up!
Firefly (Hobie) and I and crew did a couple of camp cruises, island hopping and shore camping. First in the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior off the Bayfield Peninsula, the 6 of us on 2 Hobies in the Slate Islands in northern Lake Superior offshore of Terrace Bay, Ontario.
Got a late season sail in with Sparky on Pleasant Lake WI, a little puddle not far from me.
Finally, all the boats and trailers asleep for the winter. Canoes and kayaks asleep in my garage attic (no photo)
Wow, that sounds like a great time. Given your location, I'm impressed that it wasn't too cold to be out on the water. Guess that's the secret, out on the water and not in it! Well done and I enjoyed your photos. :)
Wow, that sounds like a great time. Given your location, I'm impressed that it wasn't too cold to be out on the water. Guess that's the secret, out on the water and not in it! Well done and I enjoyed your photos. :)
Oh, I guess my post is a little misleading, Kim! We did the Apostle Islands in late July, the Slate Islands in early August, and I sailed (in a drysuit) on Pleasant Lake in late October.
On Lake Superior, we wore wetsuits or drysuits (depending on what we had) for the open water crossings. We would have worm them on high wind days, but we didn't have any of those...
I assumed you must have work drysuits or were doing a Polar Bear sail! Thanks for the info, I really enjoyed your photos. :)