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Substitute knot for mast cleat

I briefly saw someone on the interweb rigging a haliard and instead of having a cleat mounted on the mast they had a red rope tied to the mast in what appeared to be a clove hitch or some other knot and it had a ready made loop on it. The guy used it instead of a mast mounted cleat. I liked the idea because I could get the ben egg fits but wouldn't have to drill holes in my mast and cause a corrosion point here in the salt water.
Does anyone have this video or information on this rigging?
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At 8:50, he shows one of his two broken masts. :oops: They'd each broken at the lower screw. :(

Below, I described why the mast cleat weakens the mast, and adhesive would, at least, spare the mast. The red cord "treatment" is a far superior method than screws or rivets--IMHO.

That was exactly my thought L. I just can't find what kind of knot it was or how he tied it. It was a self gripping wrap and had a loop that stayed in place to run the haliard through when rigging for the day. I've searched a bunch of you tube vids and cant find a demo or mention of it. It sounds like such a good option I cant understand why it's not displayed or talked about more.
By the way, in my first post I didnt mean "ben egg" it was supposed to be "benefits". My fat fingers on my phone got the best of me.
Oh yea forgot thanks for Lee's video. That was exactly the original one I saw. I just cant find a demo of his knot.
Thanks again guys. Live this site.
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Sailflow, I'm not sure where you mostly sail, but we are on the gulf coast all salt water and its devastating to these old boats. That's why you dont find many here. If you the the rings are damaged and corroded badly. I personally dont want to give it a place to start if I can help it or my mast head or base leaks a little.

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I the various cleat discussions has anyone mentioned using a jam cleat vs a regular cleat?
By jam cleat are you referring to clam cleat? And by regular you are referring to “horn”?
I see racers using mix of the two. Those who use a clam cleat mostly have a side entry one so you don’t need to run the whole halyard through it.


I liked the recommendations from @Wavedancer a couple years ago in favor of the horn cleat.
I am not in favor of c(l)am cleats for the halyard; my recommendation is a simple horn cleat because a c(l)am cleat on the mast

1. doesn't allow you to tie a Jens rig (ever)

2. doesn't allow you to drastically change the diameter of your halyard

3. is probably more expensive

A horn cleat is likely to be more gently on the line.