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Stinger 16


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yes...wrong forum but in the general "sail talk"... you can wait on your hands forever. (sorry)
Knowing that a lot of older, gentleman, Florida sailors frequent here...anyone heard of this boat? Built in Sarasota in the 80's. I'm sure the one design class is dead at this point. No internet info that I can find. Nice lines ...especially the transom and huge cockpit.
I'm adding this to the fleet this week.



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I don't know this class of sailboat, but there are two of them around. :oops:
This one's red, and $850:
1981 Stinger 16ft Sailboat

"Serious" sailboats have their decks surrounded with metal toe rails—which Stingers (apparently) have. :cool: The toe rail makes for a strong bond of deck to hull, and a suitable base for headsail snatch blocks.

As I recall, your launching site is kind of "woodsy"—which can make raising the mast (solo) difficult. :confused:Watch for overhead powerlines when launching. :eek:

So the AlCort Puffer left too little room for your furry passengers?



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wow, Mr Wind you have a good memory. I was hoping they might be worth a bit more, but that's not why I'm buying this. I'm spending quite a bit less than the red one listed, and it has a trailer too. The Alcort Puffer is borderline, but may keep it because it has oars! ...for those calm swimming days. Just don't know how to get them back aboard without swamping the boat. My ramp choices are fairly "woodsy'...but I'm totally aware of overhead obstacles. The jury is still out until a test sail of course, but the price is too good to pass up and figure I can make a little cash if I had to sell it. Was hoping they might be worth over $1k, like a Capri 14.2...but I guess it's the law of demand. Then I could make a nice profit (and get another fish!), should I decide to move on with the boat (I'd say flip....but that might get mis-understood!). Any rate, I have plenty of storage room for my growing little fleet, but my '69 Buster Boat Sunfish will always be my number 1. With my upgrades, I really like that boat and of course being a fish, sets up in seconds.


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The Galillee's hull does look similar, but ends there with a completely different deck/cockpit layout and hardware. This Stinger has actually a kind of cockpit, where you sit on the coamings...actually much like a Sunfish. No built in seating like the Capri 14.2..or a Flying Scot. I think it is the swept back transom with the rudder not hanging off the back, that gives similar looks. Anyrate, the Stinger is getting picked up Thursday, so we'll see what gives with this mystery boat.
Lastly, for no good reason, I got the impression the Galillee was built in the NE somewhere, while the Stinger is definitely from Sarasota.


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Some background on this boat from back in the day:

In 1983, I was staying in the Sarasota area and came across the red Stinger in a boatyard. I was intrigued by the lines, and my curiosity touched off a search that led to the two other Stingers in the area, yours I believe, and another, the color of which I can't recall.

The story was, a group of guys came up with the design and funding to build three of the boats before the project fell apart. I actually spoke with one of the team on the phone; he was very disillusioned with the whole thing and with his life in Florida.

One of the boats, hopefully not yours, and definitely not the red one, was hit by lightning, and the dispersal of the charge left dozens of tiny pinholes at the waterline.

I had the brochure at one time, but sadly, it's long gone.

Of course, someone could have bought the molds and produced more boats; I ended up not pursuing a Stinger after I returned home.

I don't know if it's yours, but there's one for sale on eBay today...

Sail Boat | eBay

It's the second Stinger I've seen on eBay in the last couple of years; I think the first was the red one.