Sailor Weight


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Im 230 lbs - I have no interest in saving seconds, racing or the like - but simple daysailing, inshore and offshore. How would my weight affect the perofrmance?

Thanks again guys!!


This should not be a problem as the Sunfish was originally designed to accommodate two adults. Optimum racing weigh is proabably 165 - 175 lbs. or thereabouts, but for day sailing, you will be fine. Wearing a PFD when sailing alone is always a good idea. Enjoy

Alan Glos

I'm a similar size and, for daysailing/non-racing purposes, I don't think a weight of 230lbs. will be much of a factor. I think the biggest factor is getting 230lbs. back into the cockpit after you capsize. The plus side is you should have absolutely no problem popping the Sunfish upright after capsizing!

By the way, put that bag of Doritos down! I noticed you gained 30lbs. since your earlier post! ;)

Don't worry about the weight. The Connecticut River Race started out with two sailors PLUS camping gear for the weekend, (Sat/Sun). I am over 220, and my crew was 130+ AND gear. Might have been a little low in the water, but what fun. Know there is solo class which makes it better for us larger sailors.