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Raymarine Depth Sounder question


For a depth sounder, I am hoping to avoid drilling a thru-hull hole in my J/24 ‘project’ boat and am considering using a Raymarine transducer installed inside the hull (maybe in a sealed tube with mineral oil or similar fluid) together with an ST60 display unit.

Has anyone managed to install such a system with success? I have read about transducers mounted directly to a solid fiberglass hull working ok for sending signals - and am wondering if anyone has found that this approach would work with a Raymarine configuration.
Thank you!


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I managed to get a fair signal to a ST60+ and a P79 transducer mounted in the hull just forward and to port of where the battery is mounted at the base of the mast. Trial and error for a signal through the hull. i can't say it is perfectly accurate but better than a hole in the hull. I put the glycol recommended by raymarine in the mounting and have a good signal. if I get a chance and it will help i can take a photo of the location.