ratchet block/cam cleat /swivel base diagram?

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Someone posted a drawing (or photo) of a ratchet block/cam cleat /swivel base that was put together using a Harken H240 base and a block that works well on the sunfish. Can anyone point me in the direction or post it again?

And APS had a Harken sale last year about this time, I thought. Is that an annual thing?
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that's it! Thanks!
I think that's the way to go, of course, once I stop storing them upside-down.

I'd still like to find out about the possibility of a sale, if anyone knows:)
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Oh, and any advice on which is a better way to go: the H019 or the H2135?

ordering from APS, so any idea which spring and strap?

Most people use the H019. See the Harken catalog for the spring and strap. Or just go to West Marine or other such store to see it in person. If you can't do that, use the catalog or call APS for info.

I'm only familiar with the H019 so I can't compare the two.
An 11 year old can easily use the H019.

Looking at the Harken info, I'm not sure the 2135 is switchable (on/off ratchet control). I could be wrong. I think the 2135 is made to be lighter in weight which is not required for a Sunfish.

I just got off the phone with Christopher at Torresen Marine (http://www.torresen.com/ or http://www.sunfishdirect.com/), and he highly recommended the 2135. He said the 019 has been around since the 1960's, and they keep it in stock for people looking to match the existing look (with the metal side/strap plates). He said the 2135 is a bit lighter and has newer technology built into it, and it is a few bucks cheaper, too!

I also just found this on Harken's website (talking about Lasers, but...): http://www.harken.com/OneDesign/laser.php

"Most sailors now use the Harken Laser Vang and have replaced the older-style Hexaratchets (019) with 57 mm switchable Carbo Ratchets (2135), or load-sensing Carbo Ratchamatics® (2625) for their mainsheet blocks. Some skippers are going even smaller and using 40 mm Carbo Ratchets (2608) for the mainsheet. These low-friction, compact blocks are 30% lighter and have a 60% higher working load than Classic blocks." —Mitja Margon - Managing Director Harken Slovenia; Olympic classes specialist.
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thanks for the info. I have the H241 on both boats right now, and I don't think my daughter could hold it for long, so thats my interest in the ratchet block . (I'll order it when I get back from Costa Rica ;) )


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do I want switchable?
Keep in mind, we've adapted this block from it's intended use controlling jib and spinnaker sheets on large boats.
In that application R & L make a functional difference, for us switchable is merely a nicety so if we get flummoxed threading the sheet we can flip a toggle instead of having to untie the stopper knot and rethread the block. :eek:

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Aren't you glad it's just a Sunfish

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From APS:

H2135 57mm carbo ratchet
H071 stand up spring
HSB2 spring cup
R2830 eyestrap

they didn't have screws that fit. If anyone happens to know what length & thread screws I need to screw the eyestrap into the H241, that would save me a lot of time (my boat is hours away)
do you already have the H241? I keep debating whether I should skip the H241 and just upgrade to the 2135. I just like the option to cleat every once in a while... I don't know if I like it $50 worth, though!