Quitting lasering, selling the voodoo

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Hard hiking at the end of a 3hr race, killer
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It's been a long run, plenty of great memories since I first got into one but my lifestyle and the many mental things I've done to myself, the crazy physical situations I've found myself in have really started to catch me up so I made a decision yesterday to advertise voodoo and I doubt I'll be lasering again.
I went out yesterday in semi harsh gusty conditions, worked really hard and fought the pain the whole time...
It wasn't even a beating course we had southerlies and the river runs east /west...today my knees are puffed up and climbing the stairs to shower sucks...I'm moving like an arthritic old lady.
I've been fighting it for a couple of years, denial is a great tool.

I got mashed up launching a rib back in March, mcl ligaments got ripped off the left tibia, nearly broke the leg. It's kept me off the water until a fortnight ago.
I went out last week and could hardly chase my daughters around all week, here I am now worse than before..if I carry on I won't be walking much so, it's time to admit to myself....
Looking at less strenuous dinghies...

Voodoo 158546

Hard hiking at the end of a 3hr race, killer
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Thanks for your sentiments Andy...
Torrid ... Lolz sorry mate it's a big selling point...but flattered you likey.
Got some interest from a few peeps already, just playing email tennis atm.
Got my beady eyes on a b14

You know Alien, I can totally picture dremelling away at the crunchy gear in there, knock up a carbon disc and slip it in, pad it out with some sikaflex and gaffer tape it, be back in a fortnight mebbe


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Like Voodoo I too am selling up and going for a new challenge. Just to echo the above though Voodoo do stick around mate, your knowledge is good and it can be a laugh here sometimes, I shall stay around.