Power Washer damage

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“Once cured, TotalSeal is sandable and paintable. You probably know, sometimes you can trim that with an xacto, and it might peel without taking the paint with it. Be curious to see how you tackle it.”

I used a Testors hobby knife and the TotalSeal was rubbery, so I was able to lift it and roll it on itself, using the knife to pry it up. Absolutely no harm to the paint, and although tedious, I was able to fix the problem- see before and after:


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I'd call Sunfish Direct, I've chatted and emailed with them and I know they can do better than that. Sounds like an "Oops" to me. Now that said, Learning Lesson for me was to order two packs and have spares, somethimes a rivet mandrel snaps early and I have to drill it out to put in another, so best to have spares, just like buying extra washers and stopnuts when putting in inspection ports, I only needed to loose a stopnut once inside the hull to learn that.
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I called Sunfish Direct (now Discount Marine) and Brian Willis was more than helpful. He included 4 extra rivets, saying, as you did SC, that a few extras are good insurance.
Confirmed: I was using the wrong rivets- mine were stainless with the wrong end. Though the same Sunfish part number was listed on the bag.

I put towels all around in prep for the ‘kickback’ from the rivet gun, not wanting to scratch my new paint. It wasn’t easy for me, generally took 5-6 contractions of the handle, two hands, slowly rocking and leaning into it a bit, slightly changing position. Fortunately all the rivets went in without a scratch and the splashguard and boat are finally complete.
Just listed on craigslist and trying Facebook marketplace for the first time. I have waaay too many boats right now so it’s time to sell!