Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail

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I'm as guilt as anyone. I don't have a picture of myself, sailing my boat.

Post a picture of yourself sailing your boat here in this thread. No posts of boat on trailers, or on land.

Extra points for the first person to do it.

50 lashes for anyone who posts here without such a picture.

This is my oldest, Ben, & our newest, Zoe.

Late September last year on the Mactaquac head pond in New Brunswick.

The Sunfish is presently undergoing deep maintenance & we're keen to add a new sail.

Bill TGH
Freddy Beach


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An adrenaline rush out of Sunsail Club Colonna on the Atlantic side of Antigua. The picture was taken in Feb 2006. The winds tend to be strong and consistent around that time of the year.

The boat was a leftover from the 2001 Worlds which was held at that location. Eduardo Cordero was the winner (once again). Unfortunately, the boats were not maintained and aren't available anymore to be taken out by guests of the Club. The ('race') sail may have been a replacement of the one used in the Worlds.


Ok I'm not technically sailing on this one, but is the closets thing I have to it. Plus, thanks to Wayne it shows how cool it might look in the not so distant future:cool:. Thanks Wayne!

Wavedancer, are you in some sort of "backwards reach" on that pic of you sailing? :eek::confused::eek: That sail angle just don't look right to me:p:p:p


I just love the attached video... beautiful music set to a wonderfully windy day and yes it is relevant to this forum as I make a few cameo appearances on my 69 sunfish at the following spots: 59 seconds, 2.11, 2,21, 2.28, 2.42. 2.54 and so on.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
This is my back yard, well it is really in front of the house. Just a five minute walk from the house with my 79 Sunfish on the dolly and I am at my launch site. First shot was taken this evening as I went out for a after dinner sail as tides and wind just right. This is the Minas Basin home of the highest tides in the world 50+ feet vertical. Kingsport is the closet land 5 miles and Cape Blomidon 14 miles in the distance. I am coming in the 1000 foot channel into the harbour. All this water completely empty's twice a day:eek:. Lots of natural challenges sailing here and not for the novice.
Second picture taken from about 2000 feet away approaching channel to Wolfville NS Harbour. I have seen seals, whales, porpoise, and sturgeon while sailing hear so it's an adventure every time.


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I finally got some pictures of myself sailing one of my sunfishes, along with my lovely Amy-Jo.

I actually had two boats in the water this weekend at my Sunfish Gathering at Calf Pasture Beach. Winds were in the 10-12 knot range--very steady.

Both boats feature Neil Pryde Sails. THREAT has the HULA design. WASP has a custom color combination I call HORNET--Yellow and Black stripes which contrast nicely with the black logo.

Someone ripped out my halyard cleat on the mast on THREAT--one rivet anyway, and my luff tension and foot tension needed a minor amount of adjustment on both boats. I brought spare rivets but forgot my rivet gun. I need to replace the line to tension the luff and foot with something better with less stretch, that is easier to adjust.

You can't really see the beautiful splice job I did on the mainsheet, but you can probably tell it was not tied on with a bulky bowline.

Also check out my Harken Carbo blocks on the boom. One of the boat has a Harken carbo ratchet block--which I really enjoyed using. It had great feel, held well when I needed it.

These boats were sailing most of the day Saturday and Sunday. I let nearly a dozen people try them out.

Nightsailor - those are some nice photos! looks like it was a great day for sailing. how was the attendance for your Sunfish gathering this past weekend?

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Nightsailor - those are some nice photos! looks like it was a great day for sailing. how was the attendance for your Sunfish gathering this past weekend?

Not as good a turn out as I'd expected. But I learned a bit about organizing this sort of event. I'll do better next year. I'll post more about it soon.
I already posted one, but here's a new one! last week, sailed a bit one afternoon on Lake Michigan. winds were pretty light, but you could get moving along. waves were pretty minimal, and the water was fairly shallow - so I took my 2 youngest sons (age 5 and 2 yrs) on their 1st ever ride on dad's Sunfish. my wife and older son (age 9) were kayaking around out on the lake with me.

I sometimes get annoyed with light wind days - but this turned out to be a great day - I was able to give short rides on the sailboat to several other kid's (my cousin's kids), along with my aunt, my dad and my youngest sister (all 1st-timer's!).

This picture was taken just off Rodanthe NC on the Pamlico Sound. My Canadian buddy took this from the cottage he was in on a deck about 40' off the water. This is my son's boat and the sail number was the number on his fish from 30+ years ago. Pete SF1B.jpg
here's a good one I took while I was sailing my Sunfish - my 10-yr old son sailing along side me on our Minifish. calm day on the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan.

Noah minifish - Copy.JPG