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I have used it. It is good but I highly recommend the primer first as I have done both ways. The primer will help hide stress cracks, without primer does not. I still recommend body filler for any larger cracks though. 1 qt will give you several coats for hull bottom. I have only painted white so I am not familiar with the colors application.
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I appreciate that. MY only hesitation on the primer is that I intend to paint red over red and if anything ever becomes exposed, I wouldnt want it to be the primer. THANKS

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Rustoleum topside is a decent paint, very affordable. It didn't seem to dry as hard or cover as well as Interlux or Pettit, but if you are doing a couple of caots you'll save $$.

You could tint your primer with the red.

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In what color does the primer come and how red do you think I could get it? I was going to do 2 coats anyway. Many scratches not all of which can be filled. THANKS
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How close would 2 coats of red come to doing the job of one coat primer/one coat red ??????
I realize this question may just make me appear ignorant, but I'm considering this option as well. Or, I may change color of this orange hull to white as that's what I already have on hand.