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I'm paying more than a small fee to Time-Warner every month and still have a marginal streaming experience with too many commercials.

I wonder if Netflix is considering ever bidding on Olympic coverage.
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I'm paying more than a small fee to Time-Warner every month and still have a marginal streaming experience with too many commercials.

I wonder if Netflix is considering ever bidding on Olympic coverage.
tell me about it, im paying a lot also to comcast/nbc and specifically when i want to watch xu 3rd and 4th race comeback i cant:mad:

i gotta say im been watching her since london 2012 and honestly shes amazing (in my opinion at least) she always some how makes a comeback :eek::eek::eek: shes always tacking the wrong way:confused::confused: and bammm after 5 minutes she comes back blazing fast passes everybody gets penalties and still gets back and win races how??????????
my opinion is she must have some kind of electric motor:p:p:p:p:p:p cuz thats impossible lol or possible super lungs and shes blowing the sails with her own wind :p:p:p
Ok, i know beggars can't be choosers and i'm grateful that nbc has the live stream and replays so i can watch what i can on my computer (because, you know, nbc doesn't deem sailing a real Olympic sport) but you can't tell me there isn't a live stream of all the races somewhere? There were 12 races on day 4 alone. The cameras didn't just disappear! I want to see the laser races! Where online can i go? Does anyone know?


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It looks like the way the TV rights are, we see only some races live, and the rest will be available to view only after the games. On Youtube, it says "Timed livestream has not yet begun" on the videos in question.

Not everything is filmed, either. Yesterday, the commentator on our national TV said that the conditions on the outer courses were such that it was too hard to use TV cameras there, which is why we saw only RS:Xs that day.
I've been watching on nbcolympics.com, the coverage is fantastic! If i miss the live stream i can immediately go back and watch the full replay. And the best part is there is no commentary so i don't have to listen to that idiot meredith vierra tell me how to think! And don't get me wrong, i'm grateful that i'm able to watch the sailing. I just wish i could go back and watch the full replays of all the laser races. Maybe Tokyo. Too bad the Star boats are out this year.
Oh, and LaLi, i finally did buy me a laser! About a month ago. It's a 1996 or so, i'm not at home to look up the number at the mome to be exactly sure of the year, but it's a good project boat for me to learn on and to fix up so i can learn how to rig it all up on my own. The guy 'wanted' $1k but i got it for $900 and it came with a trailer. It's in pretty good shape as far as I know. Hopefully the Atlanta Yacht Club will help me out teaching me how to fix it up and what.
im also in the US and i find the sailing transmission has been deficient, i really really wanted to watch xu 3rd and 4th reace and instead NBC just had rsx that day!! from time to time is very choppy. (its not my connection as its one of comcast top tiers)
no commentators?????? ( kinda see your point of not having to listen somebody else thoughts but common on !!!!)
No way, i love having no commentary! And as far as connection issues on all of my other devices, (i.e. tablet, iphone, desktop) it sucks but i have use of an Acer ChromeBook and it's amazing! It may buffer once every 10 minutes & i can live with that.
Maybe if you mask your IP address you can get an Aussie or Euro feed. I agree. It's frustrating to see a race and way off in the background, you see the men's full rigs racing around.
really?? i was kinda hoping for the mask ip trick!

so wait theres no video of the 3rd and 4th race of xu?? (as you can see im on a quest to proof she kinda have an electric motor or super lungs to propel herself lol:p:p)
i really dont get how she always seems to overcome penaltys, and always seems to sail on the least favored side,tack and still go faster.
PLUS in theory shes on the light side for even radial:eek:


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Still no TV from the Laser course but the 2D tracker worked pretty well today.

In both fleets, the top three have pulled ahead - Rindom, Bouwmeester and Murphy in the women and Stipanović, Scheidt and Burton in the men. Rindom actually has a 10-point lead and is getting hard to beat. The guys in the medal positions are within 5 points of each other.

Rio 2016
Rio 2016


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im probly bias:p but i dont get that one of the most popular sailing class has only got 1 full day :eek:and rsx, fin ,etc had more air time. common i can assure you more people sail lasers than nacras
argh!!!!!!! thats the problem why theres no video of those races??????
i can bet theres more people interested in the laser/radial class tha the whole rsx, nacra,fin combined (i kinda like the 470, 49ers :p)


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There are probably more sailors interested in the dinghy action. I bet the organizers had hoped the 49ers, Nacras, and windsurfs would draw more general viewers, but it appears not.