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New old laser 1 project!

Eric Miller

New Member
this past week I started to assess my father's '78 laser and not surprisingly found the same issues everyone finds on these! I am absolutely new to boat repair, so I've been reading through the posts and am encouraged by all the help and support this forum provides.
My first question is whether I should take the deck completely off the hull. I would need to separate the daggerboard, drain and transom points and I would need to learn this and would prefer less work over more, of course. The boat is largely in good condition: the deck/seat area is solid on both sides, as are the cockpit areas. What's the likelihood I'll find more damage to repair? This boat overall is 44 years old, but it has gotten really very little use over the years. But maybe it's worth taking the deck off in order to maximize the deck-hull seal when re-attaching with fiberglass resin. curious to know any thoughts you experienced laser people have on this boat!
I will need to create a supply list and have it delivered in order to maximize my work-time on it, I get up here for only a week or two at a time.
thanks in advance for any help you might have,