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Hello everyone,

I'm about to buy my first sailboat, and I'm not really into sailing so I have some questions about the boat before I go see her. It is a 30ft Beneteau First 1988.

-You can see in the photo of the keel, there is something like a crack. Do you think it is cracked, or it is just the paint? if it is cracked, is it a big problem or can easily be fixed?

-The propeller looks very old and dusty. Should that be replaced immediately? or can I sail her like that and replace it 2-3 months later?

And the bottom also looks dirty. Not that bad though. Is painting a must, or can I fix the cracks only for now and paint it later?

Thank you very much!!!


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Sorry, but it really isn't a good idea to buy a sailboat if you are new to sailing. Instead, learn to sail on a boat that is (somewhat) similar to what you are dreaming about. Once you have acquired some sailing fundamentals, and are considering a boat that is for sale, pay for a survey. One cannot judge just from a few pictures and your life is at stake...