1. C

    For Sale  Kinder Industries Protectors

    Kinder Industries Keel protector for Trailering, and Rudder Cover Keel Protector in Excellent used condition. $80 + shipping Rudder Cover in Good to Fair used condition. No rips, tears, or holes, all clips and straps intact and not worn. Some discoloration from weather externally, and...
  2. A


    Hello everyone, I'm about to buy my first sailboat, and I'm not really into sailing so I have some questions about the boat before I go see her. It is a 30ft Beneteau First 1988. -You can see in the photo of the keel, there is something like a crack. Do you think it is cracked, or it is just...
  3. L&VW

    Repairing leaky keel...

    While waiting for the hurricane to pass before sailing again, I noticed several breaks and some old repairs within two inches of the keel's center on my upside-down Sunfish. :( I couldn't find a local source for West Systems epoxy, so a major repair will have to wait until Spring. It sails OK...
  4. Sarge

    J/24 Keel repair - heavy delamination, repairable?

    I'm looking at purchasing a J/24 that needs some seemingly major keel repair (along with vermiculite repair), and am wondering if anyone has seen damage similar to this. I'm looking for some guidance as to what will be involved with the keel repair, in particular (the vermiculite replacement...
  5. P

    J24 Keel Templates

    Re-doing my Keel and looking for a set of templates. Anyone know where I can get a set?