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Need Advice on Learning To Sail in Chicago


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Hello all. I am new to sailing and to this forum. My plan for 2020 was to join a sailing club in the Chicago area and learn to sail. The COVID-19 issue has delayed my plans slightly. I have not yet joined a club, nor have I signed up for sailing lessons.

I am looking for suggestions on:
1) best path to learn to sail (classes, join a club, etc)
2) critique of the Sailing Clubs in Chicago

I see sailing - at least in the near term - as something I will be able to do on the weekends and holidays/vacations. Since I live in Chicago most of my sailing will be Lake Michigan, but would like to eventually be able charter a boat in the Caribbean or Mediterranean for vacations.

Thank you for your suggestions. I apologize if this topic has already been covered somewhere on this site.

Cactus Cowboy

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Funny thing, there's a club by that very same name on the Salton Sea. At least Lake Michigan will be less polluted... that water in the Salton gets mighty thick at times, LOL. :confused:

Cactus Cowboy

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Holy Cr@p!!! I found a drone video of NSYC, though I also noticed on the web that its grandiose full title is North Shore Beach & Yacht Club. Check out that funky water... even the pelicans don't wanna land in it, LOL. What a pity the lake is mismanaged, because it's a beautiful venue for sailing, and yes, in terms of geology & physical geography it's a lake lying in a shallow desert pan. What majestic desert & mountain scenery!!! I'll never forget sailing the length of the lake... well, not until CRS & Alzheimer's set in, aye? :confused:

I always figured the best way to bring the lake back to life would be to dig canals or build pipelines from the Sea of Cortez, flush the funky water currently in the lake, and refill it with clean water from the Gulf of California. Jobs galore, and a primo sailing venue in the desert... but that would make too much sense, and the corruption in Kalifornia extends to water district officials. What a shame, because it's the largest lake in CA... good news is that if ya venture out there and brave the funky water, you'll have the lake entirely to yourself, LOL. ;)

Once ya get far enough from the foul-smelling muck & shoals of rotting fishbones along the shore, it's fair sailing with fresh breezes and incredible vistas!!! But I gotta warn ya, getting past that muck and the rotting fishbones is NOT for the faint of heart or weak of stomach... the stench alone is enough to gag a maggot, LOL. Even in that small basin below NSYC, I made the mistake of stepping off dry land---immediately sank past my knees in the foulest-smelling muck one can possibly imagine, it was 'Gag Reflex City!!!' Okay, enough thread-jacking for one day, enjoy the video!!! :rolleyes: