Naming the boat

I generally have not named my smaller boats, of which I have had many. However I am now on my last Sunfish so I thought I would give it a name - Heliopicies. Greek for Sunfish. I have not gone to the extent of some other writers here. I wote it in small letters on the transom.
Went sailing yesterday

I like the idea..........So where would one get any kind of decal (either custom made or pre-made) that would look good, adhere well, and not fade in the sunlight? Are there special "boat decal" places? All I have found are companies that do custom registration numbers and boat names. Not a graphic like this one......

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I specifically wanted this Snoopy image so I googled it and found a place that makes it.
The snoopy image is vinyl. I found the lettering again with google that had the Peanuts font.
As for sunlight and fading I will never know because my boat stays in the garage.
The boat is only out for sailing. I am taking the boat to summer camp this year but it will have the cover on it when not on the water.
I found a name. BUNCH OF KITTENS. Esp. If you'really racing. If you win, the other boat has to say they were beat by a BUNCH OF KITTENS. If you loose, we'll the other boat has to say they beat a BUNCH OF KITTENS.
My hull was literally salvaged from the weeds behind the dumpsters at our condo complex.
Nothing wrong with it, just missing the rudder, tiller, mast, and dagger board.
It's name?