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Oh crap, I just noticed this is the Sunfish forum. Ooooooooops! :p:D I was searching for a boat names thread, and this popped up, so I replied.

Sorry about that.

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Well, besides my two Sunfish, I have a Catalina Cyclone which is like your Capri I think. It and my old Sunfish are in Wisconsin so it makes them hard to sail. LOL.

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Great stories! We found namesfrom ships that Skipper's Patriot Pirate and US Navy ancestors sailed on, ST. JACQUES, CYANE, WAVE, PHOENIX, MADISON, ONKAHYE. Others just spring to mind, ZIP, CHIP, ZSA ZSA, SCOUT, SACAGAWEA, CLARK, WILLOW, and SMEDLEY. All the boats we restored got names too.

Here's MINI PEARL, Skipper and Capn Jack sailed the Chesapeake in her off Buckroe Beach, Hampton, VA.

Jack and Audrey.JPG

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Capri 14.2 is a great boat, our friend like to take their's out for Doubles, the Missus can chill up front while Dozer plays Master and Commander.

Our friends at SeeLevel Graphics make great names, send Matt an email They will ship also. And BoatUS has a link to boat name lettering.