my sailing inspiration

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this has been, and will probably always be, one of my inspirations for sailing - it makes me laugh every time I think about it...
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Sgt Ervin,
Yeah, I saw the pics of your hardware holder earlier today, but didn't get a chance to comment. I loved it - well put together, a very nice system. I was curious why you removed the tiller from the rudder each time, though? Is it easy? I've never even tried to take mine apart.

I've always just tossed the daggerboard and rudder in the back of the Tahoe. The previous owner had fashioned a little bracket shaped like a "Y" that slides down into the daggerboard slot and another mounted on the front of the trailer - that together hold the sail just above the deck while trailering. It works for now, but I won't lie - I liked your system so much, I'll probably (shamelessly) copy it for myself in the future. :)

No shame, If I didn't want to share I would have kept it to myself! The funny thing about this sharing of information is that you'll look at it, and then build something even better and more refined then mine. And that's where the pay-off is. A design that is evolving and bouncing around the rest of the creative minds on here. So by the time this one wears out, I will have a even sweeter design to build.

Ive have not really looked into using the dagger board hole as a place to secure it onto the trailer. That's a hellova idea though!

First I had to take the tiller off to refinish it.(along with the dagger and rudder) When I put everything back together I wanted 2 tillers that were different lengths. In a in order to be able to swap them in and out more easily .......I tapped threads in one of the aluminum brackets ( the rudder hole) and use a nut and thumb-bolt to attach it all. The nut is one like you find on the sides of lawn mowers. Its big and plastic. I take the tiller arm loose when traveling because it just seemed to fit better in the rack. If I left it attached then it would have been a little more tricky to place them, as well as the dagger board, in the rack.

Some thing to keep in mind.... When I placed the spacing blocks in between the Rudder, tiller, and dagger boards I noticed that all 3 pieces have larger measurements one one side versus the other. I.E. The top of the dagger is wider than the bottom.....the same for the tiller and rudder...... So think of it this way......its the same as a wooden wedge block keeping a door open, only in this case the floor and the door are padding and the wooden wedge is our hardware. When you have the hardware laying flat on the rack its the sung fit horizontally that keeps it all in place. That's when you use the "wedge in the door" method. The top padded bar is flat on the bottom, its that tension forceing down that makes sure it wont move during a forcefull brake or take off.