Mast cleat without drilling holes


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I would like to find out how to attach a cleat for the halyard without making holes in the mast.
Sounds a bit crazy, but I will be chartering a new (!) fish from LP and the company doesn't want me to drill holes in the mast.
The cleat will carry a heavy load because the boat will be sailed in strong winds (10-20 mph are expected). Most likely I will be rigging a modified Jens (the one with two halyards).
Are you going to the Sunfish Worlds?!

What about a piece of lined looped under the bottom of the mast with a loop or something to loop the halyard through? You wouldn’t specifically need a horn cleat, but could maybe use one of these little “blocks”? Ronstan 5mm SHeaveless blOCK - Shock

Does whatever you MacGyver up have to meet Class rules?


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That little Ronstan block can be secured to the mast using the "thrice-through-bowline" (described at this forum).

Gaffer's tape will protect the mast's finish, and will leave no residue. :cool:


Upside down?
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Thanks! I will try the hose clamp suggestion.
And yes, this arrangement will have to meet ISCA rules, but I don't see a problem with that as long as the cleat is clamped at the correct height from the bottom of the mast.


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I pop riveted my cleat to a sturdy aluminum strip that was longer than the cleat. Then I hose-clamped the strip to the mast. I won’t be home until next week but when I am I can take a picture of it.
That sounds even better. Then you can use two hose clamps (or more).