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Marine Wood


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I am looking for a small piece of marine wood. (12" x 4 " ) I am rebuilding a transom. If you can help, please let me know.
Mahogany is usually the wood of choice for a transom. Find a lumberyard in your area that sells hardwood or call a few cabinet makers in your area who may have some scraps at a decent price.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
My DS1 has a soft transom. It is 4 " x 12". I didn't think of Mahogony for that. I will certainly go to the mill to see if they have a small piece of Mahogany. Thank You!
where are you? be carefull buying mahogany here. lots of people call other things mahogany and mahogany is only south american. (african mahog sapele etc are things people call mahogany but they are not) and south american pattern grade is mostly bought up by instruement makers here. sold before the wholesalers even get it. its really really hard to get ahold of now. and you will need to give thickness. white oak will work too.

you could try freestate timber in timonium md or exotic lumber in annapolis. i think they are still there. i dont buy much retail hardwood. theres always teak. im in baltimore. pm me if you need help.
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I am in Hagerstown. It’s not easy to find good wood around here. I have one more idea of where to look.

I would just use white oak and coat it in 2-part epoxy (West systems, total boat, or similar).
I am in Hagerstown. It’s not easy to find good wood around here. I have one more idea of where to look.

lemme see what i can find for you today. its a small piece. i could always drop something in the mail to you. lol. its a challenge. its small. finding a shop can be tricky sometimes. most places will have scraps that big. depending on thickness. wholesalers wont talk to you and youll need equip,ment to square it or will have to take it someoplace else. you wont find it dressed (dimensioned) to what you want so theres that aspect too. lemme look around a little today maybe i can find you a solution out there. if i had a reason to run out there id happily toss a scrap in the truck and bring it along. too cold for a moto ride. you been getting snow out there? btw?