Looking for a sunfish mast


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I am in search of a used mast for my sunfish that is with 12 hours of driving to avoid shipping costs. I live in NM.
Can you help me out?
Bamboo for a mast is available in Ecuador. :)

I googled a bit and didn't see a Sunfish dealer very close to New Mexico. You might be able to scour craigslist or facebook marketplace for a used mast.

You might call or email the Rio Grande Yacht Club Home | RGYC.net
The posting is older but they had several Sunfish available for sale:

Sunfish sailboats

Listed June 3, 2022
The club has several (6 total) Sunfish sailboats that we are selling. The basic boats (5 of them) are complete having spars, sail, rudder and dagger board. Some may need more work but they all will float and sail. They are sold as is for $250. They don’t have a trailer but they are titled. To transport them it’s probably best put it on the car roof or in the bed of a truck or buy a small trailer like the ones sold at harbor freight or northern tool.

Then there is one with a titled trailer, a nice sail and a new rudder and dagger board that is $1000.

For more information please contact
Rick 575-649-6385 or
Past Commodore Ken Tighe
Text or call: 505-328-4826
Email: [email protected]