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You know when older Sunfish booms and masts have scratches, dings and wear marks, the aluminum oxidizes and can stain your sail, sail bag, etc? Well, I had the mother of all scratched and oxidized booms and mast that came with "The Betty". And that nice race sail was just covered with stains as a result.

I planned on getting a new Intensity sail but didn't want to get oxidized aluminum stains on it. So, I did some research on aluminum sealing, ordered a product and applied a coat. It did an amazing job.

The product is called Everbrite. Here's a link to the product package I got. You thoroughly clean the surface, finish with acetone then apply the clear Everbrite with a soft pad/sponge that they provide. It dries in about 30 minutes and the result is a hard, clear coating that completely neutralizes and seals the oxidized surfaces.

Here's a picture of the end of my boom after I applied the Everbrite. See all those dozens of little scratches? All of those were oxidizing. One coating of Everbrite and they are all now sealed and that once roughed up surface is completely smooth.

The only thing is make sure you apply the product in a well ventilated area and have a good quality respirator. The fumes from this product are wicked.

- Andy
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Looks pretty neat. Any idea on the longevity of it?
The stuff is really hard when fully cured. So, I'd say a pretty long time.

One thing I found out after the fact is that they have another product that is for heavier use applications. It's called, Protectaclear. It's got a tougher finish and is more scratch resistant. Here's a video about a guy who used Protectaclear on a large mast for his sailboat.

If I were to do the process again, I think I'd get the Protectaclear because it sounds even tougher. But I could always just apply another coat of Everbrite. I only applied one coat.

- Andy